Aqoon GarGaar (AGG) - Knowledge Booster


Aqoon GarGaar (AGG) is a non profit organization that works on improving lives of Somalia citizens. Since it was established in 2009, we introduced new and promising initiatives. We strongly believe that access to education is a major key to success and stability. By promoting education, we are convinced that many families can be pulled out of poverty.

Areas of interest

We target to increase the number of doctors, nurses and other health professionals. We sponsor a number of future doctors who are currently studying medicine in Ethiopia. We proudly expect the first doctor from this group to graduate by 2014.  

Another major area that we target is to increase the number of science and math teachers. We consider establishing accessible after school programs; this will assist students who cannot afford the cost of private tutoring to get the little help they need. In addition, these after schools will (as incentives) provide extra income for teachers.

We envision opening summer programs where college students are sent out to teach rural areas and villagers. This new approach is intended for young nomads to be taught how to read and write during night time when they come home. They have plenty of un-utilized time during the day and this initiative will make use of that. By experience, we know that, when given a chance, nomad kids perform exceptionally well in education. We want to extend hands to those kids.

Justice and lack of corruption are basic ingredients for stability. Our goal is to start education programs for public officers. It is typical that one without formal education is elected or appointed to public offices. Our initiatives will enhance officials’ knowledge on how to govern.